Happy, healthy five-year-old Veronica holding her NICU picture.

Because of the incredible supporters within this great organization, Children’s Hospital Association is able to provide light and joy to patients and families – sometimes in their darkest of times. During this season of giving, we ask you to give a gift to CHA to help support caring and compassionate programs for those who need it most.

For parents Kristin and Jason Lamon, that time came very early in life for their daughter, Veronica. She was born via cesarean at Abbott 10 weeks earlier than her expected due date. Weighing two pounds, two ounces and 14.5 inches long, Veronica was quickly transported to Children’s Minnesota as it was clear from birth she would need Children’s expert support. She required a breathing tube for her first 24 hours on earth.

Lamon Family with Veronica and Santa in the NICU.

Thanks to CHA and Children’s we were able to make it through a very scary time. To this day it’s difficult to think back to those days that she was in the hospital and her being so fragile that we couldn’t even hold her. When we finally did, it was pure joy! Children’s Kangaroo Care made all the difference in our life at that point.

Being as fragile as Veronica was, Jason and Kristin weren’t able to hold their baby girl until she was ten-days-old. At that time, Kristin was able to provide Veronica with Kangaroo Care while still in the NICU. Kangaroo Care is a method of caring for premature babies providing as much skin-to-skin contact with their parents as possible.

Veronica is now a healthy 5-year-old girl, growing up with her two older siblings. The Lamon Family joined CHA at this year’s Storyland Gala to share their story with the guests in attendance.

Veronica with her drawing from Graham Annable at 2018 Storyland Gala.

Kristin was so moved by the support she received while at Children’s, she knew she had to find a way to give back to other patients and families in need of the compassionate care their family received during Veronica’s time at Children’s.

As a result, Kristin who is a professional graphic designer, chose to donate her talents in support of multiple CHA events, including Table Talk and The Storyland Gala in 2018 and is already working on designs for the 2019 Annual Meeting.

CHA is proud to be the vehicle that so many use to give back to the community, while making a true impact to CHAnge kids’ lives!

We urge you to make a donation today and help bring caring and compassionate programs to those who need it most. Your generosity makes it possible for children, like Veronica, and their families, to make it through some of their darkest times. We also welcome your time and talent to increase our efforts and help more children on their journey back to health.

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