How to Become a Board Member

There are many ways for you to help us raise funds for the children and families at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN. If you like to be a part of committees, organize events like Table Talk and the Storyland Gala, create Public Relations plans, suggest and create entirely new events, assist in the gift shop, or even help organize Board meeting luncheons you should consider becoming a Board Member. Any one of these activities can be rewarding for you and the children we serve.

Becoming a member of the Children’s Hospital Association Board of Directors is not a difficult process. At any time of the year you are welcome to call or contact us to ask questions about any part of our organization. Depending on your questions you may be called back by the appropriate committee chair or Guild Member. If you decide to join us there is a small amount of paperwork that goes to our nominating committee for review. Your nomination will be announced at the December Board Meeting and you will become an official member at the January meeting.

Contact Natalie Sindt, 651-220-6176 or or Sue Marek 65-220-6175 or