Mahtomedi Guild

Members and significant others enjoy gathering for summer solstice and look forward to a social get-together before the holidays this year. Parties also suggest CHA contributions. During the early years, MCHG's primary focus was the annual CHA Bazaar. Members have since organized bike benefits, holiday silent auctions, bunco events, Lobster-by-the-Lake galas, and style show/silent auctions. Community outreach at the MCHG booth continues on a summer Saturday during Mahtomedi Farmers' Market.

Over nearly 30 Years, MCHG has raised $180,870.15 on behalf of CHA. 

Guild Information

Year of Inception: 1982

2017 Co-President:  Ellen Gillespie

2017 Co-President: Karen Wolgamot

2017 Treasurer: Lori Roos

Geographic Location of Guild Members: Mahtomedi area, City of Grant, White Bear Lake and Stillwater

Number of Members: 26

Mahtomedi Mission

We believe having a "party" is a good way to raise money!


Past events include Lobster-by-the-Lake and Style Show & Silent Auction