Music Therapy Program

Music therapy intervention at Children’s involves a broad spectrum of styles and needs tailored to accommodate each individual situation. Assisting in normal growth and development by providing sensory stimulation through engaging patients in active participation in music is just one example of how music can play a role in treatments. Therapies can also help with coping skills, emotional expression, spiritual support and to increase the patient’s interaction in the overall healthcare experience.

A two-year study done at Beth Israel Medical Center found that live music might be beneficial even to premature babies on heart and respiratory rates. Live music is considered optimal because it is in the moment and can be adapted to changing conditions, but even recordings are considered worthwhile to patients and their families in the NICU.

The music therapist here at Children’s is certified in Neurologic Music Therapy, which is a specific technique that focuses on how the brain responds to music and how music benefits those in a rehab setting. Incorporating these techniques, especially with patients on the neurosciences floor, is extremely beneficial to children of all ages.