Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is an extension of Chaplaincy Services at Children’s. As part of the 24/7 Chaplaincy Services at Children’s, the Spiritual Care program provides religious, spiritual and emotional support to patients, families and staff after hours, weekends and holidays. The On-Call program provides coverage.

The Spiritual Care program is staffed by Children’s chaplains who specialize in providing spiritual and emotional assessment, support and intervention during times of crisis that arise in the healthcare of children and their families. These interventions range from responding to trauma team activation in the ED, to a family in crisis due to a new diagnosis, to a family requesting the baptism of their child in the NICU to the death of patient on any of the patient care units. In each situation, the chaplain assesses the needs of the patient and family and develops a care plan that meets their unique religious and spiritual needs while also attending the emotional impact of the situation.

Spiritual Care chaplains assist patients, families and the hospital community in exploring questions of faith that arise in illness and hospitalization, and help them draw upon the hope, strength and comfort that faith provides in times of crisis or loss. Chaplains respectfully support the spiritual needs of members of many faith traditions through direct pastoral care, sacraments and rituals, resource materials for individual use, and by connection and referrals to the larger faith community.