The Children’s Hospital Association was founded in 1933 by volunteers. Today, the spirit of giving is still at the heart of our work and mission. Picture circa 1939, St. Paul

One of the hallmark accomplishments for CHA this year is creating corporate sponsor connections. These organizations have empowered their employees to volunteer for CHA’s at our signature events and engage with our mission.

Last year, CHA created a volunteer partnership with Mairs and Power, an investment advisor firm in St. Paul. Tiffany Marx, a trade settlement specialist, was among the volunteers who worked at the Storyland Gala. While she was at the Gala, she felt engaged by the fun and knowledgeable volunteer environment. “It came up as an opportunity to give back, and I got to learn more about CHA as I worked. Why would that not be something important to give to?”

Historically, CHA has made strong connections to Thomsen Reuters through our Guild and board members. Over the years, those connections have sprouted new engagement networks. Scott Nugent, a senior systems analyst for Thomsen Reuters, decided to join CHA after Roger Seaver, one of our board members, told him about our work. “I had trust that it was a great organization, and that was enough for me.” After Scott worked with us at the 2019 Table Talk, he asked his wife to get involved at the Storyland Gala. As an active volunteer for organizations in the metro, he knows it’s little things that he can do that make a big difference.

When Rachel Ginter moved to the Twin Cities to work with Thomsen Reuters, she was looking for a place to give back. Like Scott, she was driven to build community with the time and energy she had. “I have always loved getting involved with my community. It’s what makes our community feel like a home.” She volunteered at the Storyland Gala and the North Oaks Home for the Holidays Gala. She was blown away by the generosity of the patrons and volunteers, but she also fell in love with our cause: “Nobody asks to be sick, especially a child. Anytime that we can give back and empower children is so incredible.”

CHA has over 2,000 people currently volunteering to support innovative, quality health care for Children’s Minnesota. Click here for more information on donating your talents to CHA.

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