Little did the Dakota Guild know that over 50 years ago this band of women would become the best of friends They harken back to the days of ” I Love Lucy”and “Ma Bell’s” nothing but land lines and the beginning of pantyhose!

This guild has “cranked” out tons of Pepper Jelly, planned sandwich/silent auctions, holiday coffees and teas with speakers.  The Dakota Guild was part of the group that started originally at The House Of Hope with a bazaar during a week day—gradually extending it to a Saturday as “times were a changing!”

The group is still the best of friends, helping each other during difficult times and still planning ahead for CHA.  Now they do dinner at The Ronald McDonald House and write a check in lieu of any function.  And somehow, when they gather at the “Great Beyond” they will laugh about our “Pepper Jelly Days” and the good times together……and remember it all started because they joined a CHA Guild!!

Lifetime Contribution:
Year of Inception:
City or Location:
St. Paul, Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, Highland and surrounding areas.
Meeting Times:
3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:30am
2020 President:
Gerry Bullard
2020 Treasurer:
Missy Wilson
Number of Members:
30 % Funded