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The women of North Oaks Guild 1 and Children’s Minnesota share a history of commitment and tradition that goes back more than 57 years and is still holding strong today.

The concept of developing neighborhood groups to supplement the Children’s Hospital Association was developed in 1962. A group of women devoted to quality healthcare for all children, regardless of their ability to pay, established the first CHA Guild in North Oaks. After several years, the number of women active in the guild increased to such a large number that it became difficult to meet in the member’s homes. It was then decided that in order to maintain the integrity of the guild, a second guild would be formed.

The original guild, North Oaks Guild 1, continues the long‑standing tradition of hosting the Holiday Home Tour, Boutique and Gala each November. Throughout the years, the event has provided much enjoyment for guild members. Along with the commitment and camaraderie, there is a real sense of contribution to children. The event earns between $35,000 and $60,000 each year, and since its inception in 1962, the North Oaks Guild 1 has contributed over $1 million to support programs at Children’s Minnesota.

Membership is open to anyone committed to quality healthcare for children. Planning for the annual event is a year-round process. Meetings are held on a monthly basis. If you are interested in joining, or simply volunteering for the event please send a note to Meredith Peterson,, or Eva Spenny

Lifetime Contribution:
Year of Inception:
City or Location:
North Oaks, MN
2020 President:
Meredith Peterson
2020 Co-President:
Eva Spenny
2020 Treasurer:
Jackie Salvato and Mariah Rathmanner
Number of Members:
30 % Funded