Asthma Clinic at Children's

Elijah is one of the recipients of the program. He is an 11 year old boy with asthma and multiple allergies, including dust…

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Autism Care Initiative

A fever spike in the middle of the night. Tonsillitis. An allergic reaction. A knee gash for a new bike rider. Asthma. A…

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Stories from Child Life

Let's Play Doctor A 3 year old girl came into the ED for a fever and needed to get an IV. She was very anxious due to past…

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Music therapy during an extended admission

Shaun is a 15 yr old Somali boy with intractable epilepsy and developmental delays. He was referred to music therapy services to…

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Smiles, tears, and -- of course-- music

Earlier this year, four-year-old twin brothers with epilepsy were admitted into Children's neuroscience unit for their routine…

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Pets Assisting With Healing

During one of my morning pet therapy visits to St. Paul Children's Hospital, I did not realize how meaningful and lasting my…

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Welcome to the Children's Hospital Association

CHA is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that raises funds to support programs at Children’s Minnesota.  CHA has a rich history of facilitating leading-edge care for children and helping to establish Children’s Minnesota as a national leader in pediatric health care. This year CHA pledged $741,250 to Children's Minnesota. This would not be possible without the generosity of our many loyal supporters. Many of the programs and research projects we sponsor are ongoing, and without our funding they could not continue. 

CHA Highlights

We are proud to announce Leah McLean as the Emcee for
the 2017 Storyland Gala! 

The 2017 Storyland Gala, Where our journey began... is being held on Saturday, October 28. Our heartfelt thanks to Hubbard Broadcasting for their sponsorship again this year! This years Fund-A-Need will be the Children's Hospital Clinic of St. Paul. 

More information on tickets and sponsors coming soon! 

A look back at the 2016 Storyland Gala... Harvest of Hope!

Dr. Bob Bonar, CEO Children's Minnesota

2016 Storyland Gala Committee

How are your dollars making a difference?

This year, CHA pledged $741,250 to fund programs and services at Children’s Minnesota that are underfunded or not covered by insurance.

Included this year, Midwest Children’s Resource Center (MCRC) has received a grant for $140,000. Their expertise and strength in the field of child abuse is known nationally. MCRC recognizes, treats and works with community partners to provide a better life for children who may be a victim of physical and/or sexual abuse. 

Additional programs use funds pledged from CHA to train professionals to see more patients and serve their needs promptly. A pledge of $120,000 to the Children’s Hospital Clinic of St. Paul helps to pay for medications for families who are financially fragile.


View the 2017 Supported Programs

Table Talk 2017-134.gif2017 Table Talk Conversationalists


In its 14th year, Table Talk has continued to evolve as a signature, one-of-a-kind event in the Twin Cities. CHA hosted Table Talk at the Mendakota Country Club for the first time and guests were treated to an incredible spring day overlooking the beautiful golf course in Mendota Heights.

From great weather, to butterfly designs and the adorable centerpieces which featured a floral arrangement in a kids rain boot, everything about this year’s event hinted spring. Guest and conversationalists alike enjoyed a great opportunity to reconnect with long-time friends and kindle new relationships.

While the luncheon experience was truly memorable for those in attendance, the true magic comes from the proceeds that were raised to support CHA programs and make a difference in the lives of children in our wonderful community. Programs such as the Children’s Audiology, Music Therapy Program, MCRC, and Children’s Resource Hub along with all of the other 2017 pledge programs receive the financial help they need from the generosity of CHA’s loyal supporters.

Thank you to all guests who attended Table Talk, as well as the great conversationalists who took time out of their busy schedules to once again make this event a huge success. CHA would like to thank our Signature Sponsor, Hubbard Broadcasting for their long standing support. A big thank you to the Pioneer Press and Spaces Twin Cities, our Distinguished Sponsors. We would also like to thank KME Photography and Nadia Cakes for their additional support!