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Smiles, tears, and -- of course-- music

Earlier this year, four-year-old twin brothers with epilepsy were admitted into Children's neuroscience unit for their routine…

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From Running Away to Moving Forward

Ellen is a bright, engaging, sixteen year old girl who came in to the RIP Program shortly after entering her freshman year in…

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Pets Assisting With Healing

During one of my morning pet therapy visits to St. Paul Children's Hospital, I did not realize how meaningful and lasting my…

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Innovative Coaching And Support

“Heaven” was a 3-year-old African American girl whose biological mother used crack cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, and…

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Using Guided Imagery To Reduce Anxiety

A 17 year old female (we will call her Rebecca) was admitted to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota – St. Paul for a…

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Blessings Go Both Ways

Sometimes the blessings go BOTH ways! At Children's Minneapolis Trauma Unit, I met 7-yr-old "Elizabeth" (not her real name), an…

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Welcome to the Children's Hospital Association

CHA is a volunteer non-profit organization that raises funds to support programs at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.  CHA has a rich history of facilitating leading edge care for children and helping to establish Children’s as a national leader in pediatric health care. This year CHA pledged $815,000 to Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. This would not be possible without the generosity of our many loyal supporters. Many of the programs and research projects we sponsor are ongoing, and without our funding they could not continue. 

CHA Highlights

Race For The Children - A NEW Event! 

The Woodbury Guild of Children's Hospital Association hosted the first annual 'Race for the Children' event Thursday, April 23 at the Prom Center in Oakdale. Guests enjoyed a seated dinner, sipped Mint Juleps, bet on simulated horse races with play money, and ladies were given a chance to be named "Lady of the Derby" by participating in a best derby hat contest.

"We have had much success over the past 10 years with our spring fashion show, but wanted to open the event up to appeal to both men and women with a new theme," said Woodbury Guild President, Julia Esch. "While it can still be a fun ladies night out, we really wanted to expand our events to reach a greater audience in efforts to raise funds and awareness for Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota."

Guests placed bids on silent and live auction items, including a suite at the Twin's Game, MN Wild autographed items and a pair of diamond earrings. There was a live pony race where local mascots circled the prom center for bragging rights and a wine pull where guests were guaranteed a bottle of wine for each pull purchased.

The evening concluded with a video about a family who's daughter underwent treatment for cancer at Children's Hospital & Clinics.

The Woodbury Guild raised around $10,000 in proceeds for CHA.

"We're excited about the potential the event has for the future and are grateful for the support we received from both attendees and business alike," Esch said. "It's exciting to see like-minded people coming together to raise money for an amazing cause." 

How are your dollars making a difference?

This year, CHA pledged $815,000.00 to fund programs and services at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota that are underfunded or not covered by insurance.

Included this year, Midwest Children’s Resource Center (MCRC) has received a grant for $150,000.00. Their expertise and strength in the field of child abuse is known nationally. MCRC recognizes, treats and works with community partners to provide a better life for children who may be a victim of physical and/or sexual abuse. 

Additional programs use funds pledged from CHA to train professionals to see more patients and serve their needs promptly. A pledge of $177,000.00 to the Children’s Hospital Clinic of St. Paul helps to pay for medications for families who are financially fragile.

View the 2015 Supported Programs

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